Sunday, 31 July 2011

Well obviously

I have just had a break through today with my personal tree - which also helps the One Name Study - and it is so obvious that I had overlooked it.

I have just found my grandfather in telephone directories going back to 1947 - they follow through to his death missing only a few years and showing 3 addresses.  I was not aware of the earliest address so this is new information.  I think because I knew him and where he lived I hadn't thought to look at these records but I am really glad that I finally did.

There are plenty of other Caddies in the phone books so the next thing to do is to work through them putting dates and addresses against them.  What I have found so far is that children quite often set up their own homes with telephone numbers in the same area before (sometimes) moving on to new horizons.  This might help ties up a few families with entries that I have.

Another interesting point (for me) is that in the early 1950's there was a company listed 'Caddie's Crisps Ltd - 112 Hornsey Rd, London' - I am going to have to find out more about this company - who ran it, how long for etc etc.  I haven't ventured into the world of company ownership previously so this will be a learning experience.

So lots more work to do on the ONS.

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