Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Done it!

So I set myself the challenge and I have done it - I now have a profile on the Guild of One Name Studies for my Caddie study - link below,


I found it quite challenging as it has to be in plain text and whilst I wanted to put tables with the data trying to make them look good was too difficult for me. I have therefore resorted to putting numbers in lines of text working on the basis that it is a start and can be edited going forward.

Or the fancy stuff can be on the web site.

I suprised myself looking at all the stuff that I have managed to collect from around the world - I don't think I have missed anywhere obvious but will keep looking.

However I have no idea how to progress the origins of the name any further except for working backwards to see if they all converge in one area which might be a clue.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Today I thought that the time had come to try and create a profile with the Guild of One Name Studies and start a website to load all the Caddie details.

A website appears to be some undertaking - lots of fellow Guild members have mentioned TNG so I had a look and it needs PHP and MySQL.  It can also have multiple trees but didn't seem to think this would be facility needed by many - it is for my one name study, I have groups of people in various locations and no indication that they may join up anytime soon.

TNG recommend SimplyHosting so I had a look and then had a look at HostGator which is highly recommended by someone who uses her website to make her living so needs it to work.  Like everything on the web it appears that there are hundreds of variable and if you are like me and just starting out how to know what I might need?

So I investigated Google Sites - free and easy to set up so I have a site but I am pretty sure that it doesn't have half the functionality I need.  Whilst going through these loops I also note that the site and email for CaddieKin are not available on Google - I wonder who has them or because I have this blog it is considered too close?

Domain names are another minefield - what ending should I have .com, .net, .info or buy all of them so that no one else can use them?

So many decisions that once again I have not got around to completing my profile - time to set myself a target, by the 6th April 2013 I will have added a profile on the Guild website.