Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Done it!

So I set myself the challenge and I have done it - I now have a profile on the Guild of One Name Studies for my Caddie study - link below,


I found it quite challenging as it has to be in plain text and whilst I wanted to put tables with the data trying to make them look good was too difficult for me. I have therefore resorted to putting numbers in lines of text working on the basis that it is a start and can be edited going forward.

Or the fancy stuff can be on the web site.

I suprised myself looking at all the stuff that I have managed to collect from around the world - I don't think I have missed anywhere obvious but will keep looking.

However I have no idea how to progress the origins of the name any further except for working backwards to see if they all converge in one area which might be a clue.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Today I thought that the time had come to try and create a profile with the Guild of One Name Studies and start a website to load all the Caddie details.

A website appears to be some undertaking - lots of fellow Guild members have mentioned TNG so I had a look and it needs PHP and MySQL.  It can also have multiple trees but didn't seem to think this would be facility needed by many - it is for my one name study, I have groups of people in various locations and no indication that they may join up anytime soon.

TNG recommend SimplyHosting so I had a look and then had a look at HostGator which is highly recommended by someone who uses her website to make her living so needs it to work.  Like everything on the web it appears that there are hundreds of variable and if you are like me and just starting out how to know what I might need?

So I investigated Google Sites - free and easy to set up so I have a site but I am pretty sure that it doesn't have half the functionality I need.  Whilst going through these loops I also note that the site and email for CaddieKin are not available on Google - I wonder who has them or because I have this blog it is considered too close?

Domain names are another minefield - what ending should I have .com, .net, .info or buy all of them so that no one else can use them?

So many decisions that once again I have not got around to completing my profile - time to set myself a target, by the 6th April 2013 I will have added a profile on the Guild website.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Caddie ONS - next objective

Caddie ONS

So the objective I now have for my ONS is to start making sense of the information that I have - linking the branches so that I have a better view of the families.   This will then lead to a better picture of where the gaps are and so where I should look next.

I went to a course at the Society of Genealogists last weekend about report writing for clients - there were a few points to take away for working on your own tree.

Are you setting yourself some objectives or just meandering around hoping to find something new?  Do you consciously think at the start of the session I would like to work out who the father of x is, and then do you?  Or as I am often prone to, do you get distracted and wander off down a completely different track?  What then happens to the father, does he get pushed to 'next time'?  Is there a problem and what is it, are you making notes on what you have done to try and crack it so that you don't try the same thing next time, and the time after?  Are you also making notes about what you are actually searching, the area, the age range and if so why are you making these assumptions?

Whilst I know many of us think about these things, but do we remember when we go back?  A few notes in a book, or on the notes section of your software wouldn't go amiss and could really help when you come back to it.

So I am going to be trying to keep better notes and have a goal that I am working towards on each session - have a think would this help you as well?

Saturday, 7 January 2012


I am lucky enough to have an iPhone and whilst there have been apps previously they seem to have upgraded to being something that is really helpful.

I use the Ancestry app which now links with the online tree(s) I have and allows for updates / editing.  I haven't really kept those trees up to date but now need to pull everything together.

I also use GedView which does not allow editing but gives details in a list allowing you to easily see all the who-evers you have, you can also look at the family groups but an alphabetical list has turned out to be really useful on many occasions.

Lastly I have recently donwloaded iFMP - I today looked up all the Caddies and put the details into my ONS.  Very easy interface and gave me 165 Census returns, 56 Births, 33 Deaths and 55 Marriages.  The BMD are all for England and Wales but some of the census returns cover Scottish locations (although I am fairly sure not all of them) - I now need to check online what their records actually cover.

The best bit has been to be able to update, check details when I am out and about - for instance I had to wait for my car to have a new exhaust yesterday, as it took much longer than expected I was able to use the productively.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Well obviously

I have just had a break through today with my personal tree - which also helps the One Name Study - and it is so obvious that I had overlooked it.

I have just found my grandfather in telephone directories going back to 1947 - they follow through to his death missing only a few years and showing 3 addresses.  I was not aware of the earliest address so this is new information.  I think because I knew him and where he lived I hadn't thought to look at these records but I am really glad that I finally did.

There are plenty of other Caddies in the phone books so the next thing to do is to work through them putting dates and addresses against them.  What I have found so far is that children quite often set up their own homes with telephone numbers in the same area before (sometimes) moving on to new horizons.  This might help ties up a few families with entries that I have.

Another interesting point (for me) is that in the early 1950's there was a company listed 'Caddie's Crisps Ltd - 112 Hornsey Rd, London' - I am going to have to find out more about this company - who ran it, how long for etc etc.  I haven't ventured into the world of company ownership previously so this will be a learning experience.

So lots more work to do on the ONS.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Starting again

I have to admit that the burglers taking not only my computer but also my HDD back up has been more than a little bit of a problem.  Which is why May was a bit of a write off for family history and one name studies.

Still onwards and upwards - I am now in the middle of a course about familysearch.org with Pharos Tutuors.  Instead of just diving in and not really finding much I have found about all the other areas which I hadn't looked at previously including the many videos they have to help.  I am particularly taken with their book search.

Coming back to the One Name Study - a search of familysearch.org shows that they have 603 exact matches to Caddie as a surname - with 6 in the Probate and Court collection, 2 in Other, 3 in Military, 8 in Migration and Naturalisation, 180 in Census and Lists, finally 404 in Births, Marriages and Deaths.

The other is an Ethel Caddie in England, Cheshire School Records 1796-1950 with her mother Annie.

The Migration and Naturalisation threw up some nationalities that haven't appeared in my research previously - Italian and French.

Hope your research is going well - off to analyse the BMD records now.