Sunday, 10 June 2012

Caddie ONS - next objective

Caddie ONS

So the objective I now have for my ONS is to start making sense of the information that I have - linking the branches so that I have a better view of the families.   This will then lead to a better picture of where the gaps are and so where I should look next.

I went to a course at the Society of Genealogists last weekend about report writing for clients - there were a few points to take away for working on your own tree.

Are you setting yourself some objectives or just meandering around hoping to find something new?  Do you consciously think at the start of the session I would like to work out who the father of x is, and then do you?  Or as I am often prone to, do you get distracted and wander off down a completely different track?  What then happens to the father, does he get pushed to 'next time'?  Is there a problem and what is it, are you making notes on what you have done to try and crack it so that you don't try the same thing next time, and the time after?  Are you also making notes about what you are actually searching, the area, the age range and if so why are you making these assumptions?

Whilst I know many of us think about these things, but do we remember when we go back?  A few notes in a book, or on the notes section of your software wouldn't go amiss and could really help when you come back to it.

So I am going to be trying to keep better notes and have a goal that I am working towards on each session - have a think would this help you as well?