Friday, 17 June 2011

Starting again

I have to admit that the burglers taking not only my computer but also my HDD back up has been more than a little bit of a problem.  Which is why May was a bit of a write off for family history and one name studies.

Still onwards and upwards - I am now in the middle of a course about with Pharos Tutuors.  Instead of just diving in and not really finding much I have found about all the other areas which I hadn't looked at previously including the many videos they have to help.  I am particularly taken with their book search.

Coming back to the One Name Study - a search of shows that they have 603 exact matches to Caddie as a surname - with 6 in the Probate and Court collection, 2 in Other, 3 in Military, 8 in Migration and Naturalisation, 180 in Census and Lists, finally 404 in Births, Marriages and Deaths.

The other is an Ethel Caddie in England, Cheshire School Records 1796-1950 with her mother Annie.

The Migration and Naturalisation threw up some nationalities that haven't appeared in my research previously - Italian and French.

Hope your research is going well - off to analyse the BMD records now.