Sunday, 27 February 2011

Surname origins

A second part of the study is working out where the Caddie surname comes from and this is one area that I have definitely struggled with.

I can find very few, if any references to Caddie on the surname websites - too rare.  have the following:

'Recorded as Cadde, Cade, Caddie, Caddy, Caddies and others, this unusual name has a number of possible sources, each with its own distinctive history and derivation'.  It then went on to say it could be Anglo-Saxon for an Olde English personal name Cada meaning 'lump' and possibly applied to stout, plump people.  The second option was Old French / early medieval as an occupational name for a cooper, from cade meaning cask or barrel.  The third option was Middle English from Cade meaning a domestic animal.

This sounded to me that they were taking a bit of a guess and throwing anything into the descriptor that may in someway possible be Caddie'ish, particularly as it said it could be linked to Cadbury.

Moving on to a descriptor from Surnames of the United Kingdom, A Concise Etymological Dictionary by Henry Harrison in 1912.  This said that it was a messenger or porter - Scottish Cadie, French Cadet - a younger brother; ultimately from the Latin Caput - head.

My personal view is that many versions seem to come back to the concept of 'fetching / carrying'; so if you think of a golf caddie as well as a the French cadet you have a 'gofer' - does this make it an occupational name?  I am not sure but I don't think many others have any more of an idea.
Perhaps as my record study goes further back this will shed some light on it - otherwise not too sure where to look next.

Records so far

As the point of a one name study is to collect all the records for the surname that is where I started - so far I have all the 1841-1911 census returns for UK, mainly from Find My Past.

I also have a lot of records from Scotlands People but am working through what I have and where the gaps are.

Following a seminar on Friday at Who Do You Thnk You Are I have found some records in New Zealand so need to get them transferred in.

I have about 500 different links to sites which need to be checked for records and that will probably be the immediate focus of the study.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Who Do You Think You Are?

Wdytya is on this weekend in London - I am going, if you are why not stop by the Guild of One Name Studies and the Pharos stands?


The journey will also be on my twitter feed @CaddieKin - will work out how to link it all up in the coming days and months.

Opening gambit


This is a blog detailing my journey to build my one name study on the surname Caddie.  I have a long way to go and lots to learn but have just completed a course with Pharos Tutuors so I now have a plan - which starts with this blog.